Sports Gaming

Creatively combining live betting with mobile gaming

Concepts for a number of medium level prototypes.

As part of a two-man team, we were briefed to create a number of mobile game concepts for Betfair to test. All had to include an element of betting as part of the gameplay. The final deliverables were medium level prototypes, test results and user feedback.

An eight week plan was made, using the first half to generate ideas and build prototypes with the second to test and iterate.

Initial group session ideas

Some of the early concepts

From our initial rough sketches we improved and grouped several ideas from our own feedback sessions and weekly updates with our client.

Results of the user survey

We further reduced, consolidated and improved on our ideas by surveying about 15 people. The strongest ideas progressed to the prototype stage were we used a combination of iPad prototypes and paper for user testing. We also prepared background questions for our testers.

'Spread Winner' prototype

Spread Winner

After selecting her sport, the user chooses a buy in from £1 to £6 per game. The higher the buy in, the higher the pot. She then has to get through ten questions based on live games with the opportunity to spread her pot on more than one answer per question. She can play it safe and spread her pot on multiple outcomes, or aim for larger winnings by choosing fewer outcomes.

'Predict-a-Streak' prototype


The user has a short time limit to remove a number of events presented in her chosen sport. For example if she thinks the next event to happen in the Premiership is unlikely to be a goal kick, goal or red card she can tap to remove. Discarding more events means her winnings goes up, but the risk of predicting the wrong event will also go up. She can collect her winnings at anytime but the longer you play the bigger the bonus.

'5 a side' prototype

5 a side

In this two player game the user has to chose a number of teams currently in play. She can select from one to five teams and has to bet that her roster achieve get the most chosen events in a certain time period . For example ‘My teams will get the most fouls in the next two minutes’. The more teams you choose, the lower your payout will be. Team stats are available to help the user in choosing her teams. While the game is playing out she can also start multiple games with other opponents.

Results from user testing

Next steps for each concept

We collated and presented our data from the four weeks of testing, adding our learnings and suggestions on how they take the concepts further.