Boom Boom Go

Editorial site + learning portal

Building a digital coaching brand

Branding and design of learning, editorial sites and brand assets.

Main brand and Courses logos

Boom Boom Go is an online resource for life and business coaches. It had been online for the previous three years and was about to move to a new LMS platform. This was the opportunity not only to update the site, but to re-brand and re-work the business and marketing as a whole. The outcome was an additional 'Editorial' site as well as a restructure and a new look for the current 'Courses' site.

Illustration ideas

Illustrations had a been a key part of the previous branding and we wanted to give them a fresh update. The illustration system had to be flexible and simple enough to produce additional visuals quickly, as needed in the future.

Courses home

Courses sales page

Courses Library

Boom Boom Go Courses is the paid video courses portal. Users needed to browse courses, buy and checkout as well as login and access paid courses from their own Library. The goal was to bring over the bright and playful branding, while clearly communicating the benefits of purchasing courses, using concise copy, video and a visual break down of each course.

Desktop UI elements

Courses also have regular promotions posted to social media, emails and industry groups. A suite of flexible promos were produced to use at any time of the year.

The new editorial site is a collection of articles and free videos made in collaboration with industry leaders. Made to promote the brand as well as provide quick and free learning to the industry. The main goal was to present an open and fresh site to an editorial marketplace that has traditionally been perceived as corporate, dry or amateurish.

Homepage hero

Homepage hero, hover state

Designing the homepage was an exercise in producing an interesting and dynamic page with little to no images. Latest articles are brought into the top hero panel and woven into pre-written chatty sentences. These are broken down into three categories.

The site is divided into three categories with video learning, practical demos from established coaches and inspirational stories featuring other coaches projects or businesses.

Written article with illustration header

Stories article

Video feature

Content pages are also divided up into three main layouts depending on the subject and whether it is primarily a video or written piece. Photographic, illustrative or even blank headers can be used depending on the assets available for each article. The author also can choose from pre-set colour combinations.

Social video graphics

Video is used extensively throughout both sites as well as on social platforms. A suite of graphics reflects the colourful brand using concise but fun animations and transitions.