Lloyds Banking Group

Global Site

Designing a new global financial site

Bringing disparate brands together with visual storytelling.

Lloyds Banking Group includes of ten financial institutions serving millions of commercial and individual customers throughout the UK. The update to their global site initially centred around two main areas. The first was to add a human voice using various stories based around small businesses, households or communities. The second was to showcase the individual brands that make up the group. A third careers section was added in the second phase of the project.

Home page

Home page takeover

The homepage had to display the latest company information, highlight and browse stories and access Lloyds brands. A ‘take over’ variant also was used for big news items such as annual reports.

Homepage mobile

Purpose landing page

Story landing page

Story page

Users could navigate to a story by browsing a topic, brand or area of the country. The story page itself was a simple scrolling page utilising large images with a focus on a Lloyds brand.

Image placement guidelines

Images are a key part in communicating the sense of community and brand values. They had to work across a range of sizes and panels using one focal point free of text and graphics.

Careers 'masonry' section

A careers section was added in the second phase of the project. Targeted at graduates, it showcases various roles within the company from the landing page. Users can quickly view a video related to that position within the page or navigate to a careers story page for further information.